Sportiva+ in weißVon CompeGPS gibts wieder Neues: Das Sportiva+ wird ab 03. Dezember erhältlich sein, TwoNav steht in Version 2.2.5 zum Download bereit.

Das neue CompeGPS Sportiva+ (eine aufgemotzte Variante des Sportivas mit ANT+ Technologie zum Empfangen von Herz- und Trittfrequenz) soll ab dem 03. Dezember erhältlich sein. Zudem hat CompeGPS in einer Leserumfrage die Farbe des Sportiva+ ermittelt (drei Farbgebungen standen zur Auswahl): 42% der Leser haben für die weiße, 31% für die blaue und 27% für die grüne Variante gestimmt (Naviprode war für ein blaues Sportiva).

Compe’s TwoNav Software kann jetzt in Version 2.2.5 heruntergeladen werden. Zu den neuen Funktionen zählen (Quelle: CompeGPS):

  • Virtual Partner: TwoNav can use a previous track as a reference to compare your current performance. Just need to choose a track and start navigation. A simulation of that track will start being played at its original speed, so you can compete against it. Virtual partner will be represented on map with a green pointer. There are 2 data fields related to Virtual partner: Time to virtual partner (TVP)/Distance to Virtual partner (DVP). You can add these fields either in data bar or data page. Note: ‘Virtual partner’ option needs to be enabled at ‘Settings > Navigation > Tracks’.
  • Auto-detect GPS altitude system (iPhone): The new iPhone OS 4.1 applies geoid correction to GPS’ altitude data. TwoNav has a detector allowing to automatically adapt reading of this data, so errors on altitude due to wrong ‘elipsoid altitude’ configuration are avoided.
  • Download usability improvement (iPhone): Now there is a system to recover unfinished downloads and error messages have been included to be informed about download status.
  • Solved Bugs: too big size for ‘infonext’ in with 800×600 resolution or bigger; Bad visualitzation of street names on high resolution devices; Button ‘create new waypoints file’ present when creating a waypoint if ‘active waypoints’ file is closed; Odometers didn’t work in iPhone/iPad because these devices don’t work with NMEA; Errors in predictive keyboard when entering strange characters (accents, etc.); Waypoint properties reduced forever (not only in creation) if waypoint’s name is changed when ‘mark and edit’; Background color was gray. Now it is white again.
CompeGPS News: Sportiva+ in weiß, TwoNav 2.2.5 was last modified: November 9th, 2010 by Joachim Bardua

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