Garmin released an important update for all Foretrex 601/701 GPS devices! The update version 2.30 brings – amongst others – an improvement regarding the track navigation: "Improved track lines on map when navigating"

The track line visibility was one of our cons in our Foretrex 601 review!

Changelog Foretrex 601/701 (WebUpdater) software version 2.30

  • Changes made from version 2.20 to 2.30:
  • Added Yards as a distance unit option
  • Improved vertical speed data field
  • Improved track lines on map when navigating
  • Fixed issue where current track was continuous on the map in cases where it shouldn’t be
  • Fixed Glide Ratio, Glide Ratio to Destination, and Vertical Speed to Destination data fields
  • Fixed issue causing activity data in Garmin connect to be incorrect
  • Fixed issue when deleting a waypoint when system language is set to Russian
  • Fixed issue with cardinal direction characters in Russian, Greek, Danish, and Norwegian
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