Garmin GPSMAP 66s & GPSMAP 66st - Setup Guide

Garmin GPSMAP 66s & GPSMAP 66st – Setup guide – our recommended settings for hiking. You can use these settings as a template for your own GPSMAP profiles, e.g. for mountaineering, backcountry skiing, …! Or you download our custom profiles for hiking and barometer.

GPSMAP 66s/st – Setup Menu

GPSMAP 66s, GPSMAP 66st - Setup 1
GPSMAP 66s, GPSMAP 66st - setup 2
  • Customized setup menu (MENU button > Change item order): Most used items at the top

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – System

GPSMAP 66s, GPSMAP 66st - System 1
GPSMAP 66s, GPSMAP 66st - System 2, satellite system
  • Satellite System: GPS only (GALILEO or GLONASS when necessary, e.g. in deep sided valleys)
  • Schnittstelle: Garmin Spanner
  • AA-Batterietyp: Precharged NiMH (e.g. eneloop)

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Display

GPSMAP 66s, GPSMAP 66st setup  - Display1
GPSMAP 66s, GPSMAP 66st setup  - Display 2
  • Backlight Timeout: 30 seconds
  • Battery Save: On
  • Appearance – Mode: Day

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Bluetooth

GPSMAP 66s, GPSMAP 66st - Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth: Only for data exchange with Garmin Explore, otherwise disabled.

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Wi-Fi

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi: Disabled.

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Map

Map setup GPSMAP 66s
  • Orientation: Track Up (sometimes switching to North Up).
  • Dashboard: Custom (When Navigating: Small Data Fields; When Not Navigating: None)
  • Guidance Text: None
  • Advanced Setup: Look at the screenshot
GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Map Dashboard
GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Map, advanced setup

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Recording

GPSMAP 66 Setup – recording
GPSMAP 66s 66st – recording, advanced setup
  • Record Method: Distance
  • Interval: 0.01km (= 10 m)
  • Auto Pause: Off
  • Auto-Start: Off
  • Advanced Setup: Look at the screenshot

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Routing

GPSMAP 66s 66st – routing for hiking
GPSMAP 66s 66st – direct routing for hiking
  • Activity: Hiking (occasionally using "Direct Routing")
  • Calculation Method: Minimize Distance
  • Lock On Road: No

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Expedition Mode

GPSMAP 66s 66st – expedition mode
  • Prompted (turning the GPSMAP off, you can enter the expedition mode)

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Waypoints

Garmin GPSMAP 66s 66st – setup waypoints
  • Prefix Enabled: Yes
  • Prefix: e.g. 2019-BY- (BY = Bavaria)
  • Suffix: 0001 (new waypoints are named 2019-BY-0001, 2019-BY-0002 …)

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Tones

Garmin GPSMAP 66s 66st – setup tones
  • Tones: On
  • Message Beep: On
  • Key Beep: Off
  • Turn Warnings / Proximity Alarms: On
Garmin GPSMAP 66s 66st turn warnings
setup GPSMAP 66s 66st proximity tones

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Heading

Heading Setup GPSMAP 66s GPSMAP 66st
  • Display: Directional Letters
  • North Reference: True
  • Go To Line: Bearing (Medium)
  • Compass: Auto on

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Altimeter

Altimeter Setup GPSMAP 66s GPSMAP 66st
Barometer Setup Garmin GPSMAP 66s GPSMAP 66st

Left screenshot: When hiking

  • Auto Calibration: Off (manual calibration by entering the current elevation)
  • Barometer Mode: Variable Elevation
  • Pressure Trending: Save When Power On
  • Plot Type: Elevation / Distance

Right screenshot: GPSMAP as a stationary barometer (a separate profile "barometer" is in use)

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Geocaching

GPSMAP geocaching setup
GPSMAP 66 series, live geocaching setup
  • Geocache Live: Right screenshot
  • Geocache Style: Show Names

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Sensors

GPSMAP 66 series, sensors
  • Sensors: Off (saves battery), except a tempe sensor (occasionally)

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Fitness

GPSMAP 66 series, fitness setup
  • Auto Lap: Off
  • Activity Type: Hiking (for a proper classification in Garmin Connect)

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Marine

GPSMAP 66s 66st, marine setup
  • Sorry, no experiences (all items are turned off)

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Menus

Menu setup, Garmin GPSMAP 66 series
  • Menu Style: Small Grid
  • Main Menu: Customized (order look at the screenshots, 1st row)(main menu is opened by pressing the MENU button twice)
  • Page Sequence
    1. Page Ribbon Display: Off
    2. Edit Page Sequence: Map / Trip Computer / Altimeter / Recording Controls (look at the screenshots, 2st row)
  • Setup / Find: Customized (Setup: look at the screenshots in the first section of this page; Find: Most used items at the top, e.g. tracks, routes, waypoints, use map)
main menu 1, GPSMAP 66s 66st
main menu 2, GPSMAP 66s 66st
main menu 3, GPSMAP 66s 66st
page sequence, GPSMAP setup
page sequence items, GPSMAP setup

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Position Format

GPSMAP 66 position format UTM UPS
  • Position Format: UTM UPS
  • Map Datum / Map Spheroid: WGS 84

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Units

units, setup GPSMAP 66 series
  • Units: Look at the screenshot

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Time

time setting GPSMAP 66 series
  • Time Format: 24 Hour
  • Time Zone: Automatic

GPSMAP 66s/st Setup – Profiles

Custom profiles, Garmin GPSMAP 66s
  • Custom Profiles: Barometer, MyHike, Alarm clock, Play (for testing)


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