Satmap Active 20 Outdoor GPS Device

Satmap Active 20 Outdoor GPS Device

Satmap Active 20

Satmap Active 20 (©Satmap)

Satmap Active 20 – the latest feature-rich GPS device from Satmap.

The UK based Satmap Systems Ltd announced the Satmap Active 20 Sports GPS device for outdoor activities (walking, hiking, ski trekking, mountain biking, bike touring, …), rescue services and other professional users.

Satmap Active 20 Press Release

Leatherhead, Surrey, UK – Satmap Systems Ltd, a majority owned subsidiary of Bollin Group Ltd, today announced the launch of the Satmap Active 20 Sports GPS unit.

The Active 20 represents a significant advance in the realm of dedicated handheld sports GPS devices, bringing very high performance and unrivalled flexibility to outdoor GPS users. Specifically, dual touchscreen & button control, with outstanding mapping, GPS performance, battery life and weatherproofing make this a best-in-class, trustworthy and exciting GPS unit for short and long expeditions. Outstanding dedicated functionality make this a must-have device compared to less reliable smartphone and smaller screen alternatives, for the serious outdoor enthusiast and professional alike.

Of the Active 20 launch, MD and Founder, Howard Dyson said “Satmap is very excited to bring to market the outstanding Active 20 unit, having listened carefully during the development period to the needs of dedicated users. Whilst being easy to use, this GPS unit sets new standards of dual touchscreen and button control, superb mapping and best-in-class GPS performance, all combined within a very robust platform. We believe that the Active 20 offers a significant step forward for GPS users’ enjoyment and safety in the Great Outdoors” .

“DualControl”: Touchscreen & Buttons

The Active 20 is the first device of its class to be fully touchscreen or button operated (“DualControl”), successfully catering to the wider needs of the outdoor community, who seek the ease, convenience and familiarity of full touchscreen control, whilst at the same time looking after the needs of other professional users in very tough weather conditions who tend to prefer the certainty, control feedback and gloved use that comes with full button control.

Best-in-class GPS receiver (including GLONASS & Galileo)

Fitted with the latest, high-sensitivity GPS receiver (uBlox MAX M8), the Active 20 supports all the primary satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BeiDou, WAAS, EGNOS, etc.) with superb accuracy results, even indoors, in cars, in town and under heavy tree cover. Accuracy figures of 1-2m are typical in many conditions. uBlox modules are renowned for maintaining a good GPS lock in the most demanding of conditions. The uBlox module boasts industry leading -167dBm navigation sensitivity, with superior anti-spoofing and anti-jamming capabilities. The Active 20 uses a finely tuned 25mm Taoglas ceramic patch antenna (the largest in this class of product) to achieve remarkably high signal-to-noise ratio values (typically 46-51), leading to outstanding GPS performance.

Bright HVGA screen

The Active 20 now boasts an all-new, large (3.5”), super-bright (600cd) transmissive, full colour HVGA TFT display. This crystal clear screen is optically bonded to Gorilla Glass to provide the very best light transmission and sunlight readability. Full backlight control and “red-filter” allow for optimal viewing in all conditions. There is even a high-contrast sunlight mode for snow & glacier conditions.

Superb Mapping

The Active 20 is all about displaying superb topographic mapping, and providing advanced users with a full range of GPS functionality. The extensive additional topographic map catalogue (at of over 450 global map titles (including full Ordnance Survey GB coverage) uniquely providing easy toggling between various map types. Satmap has been the industry leader since 2007 in providing the very best and clearest quality colour topographic mapping to sports GPS users. Recent licence fee changes now allow Satmap to offer Hi-Res (660 dpi) Ordnance Survey full GB coverage of the 1:25k Explorer series on a single SD card at the lowest prices. The full range of detailed HARVEY walkers maps is also available for use on the Active 20. These industry-leading MapCards are often supplied with multiple scales and map types on a single SD card. Custom, site-centred bespoke mapping is available on a global basis. Satmap MapCards are 100% transferrable between the existing Active 10/12 series (using microSD cards within SD adaptors) and the all-new the Active 20 (using just micro SD cards).

LiPol and AA Battery operation

The Active 20 has a unique dual-battery system that includes a long-life 5,100mAh rechargeable LiPol battery pack, and optionally, a AA Battery Pack which supports AA Lithium, NiMH, and Alkaline primary cells, giving users a complete range of power sources. Using various power-saving options (including a flexible backlight timer and reduced frequency updates) battery duration of up to 16 hours can be achieved. Full-gas (100% backlight, no power saving and constant movement) battery life is 11 hours. Spare LiPol battery packs are available for extended duration expeditions. Recharging of the unit is in-situ via microUSB cable, from either 1A wall charger, 12V car charger, PC/Mac or any other USB power source.

Wi-Fi & BT Smart 4.0

Enhanced Active 20 connectivity is achieved via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features. Currently, Wi-Fi connectivity is available for platform and application software updates. Users are uniquely able to choose between “formal release” and “beta” software options allowing them access to the very latest features, but with the ability to “roll-back” if they wish. Shortly after release, users will be also able to Sync their route and POI data with the Satmap Xpedition Online Route Planner (, an HTML version of which is in the pipeline, working equally well on PC/Mac, tablet and SmartPhone).

BT Smart 4.0 functionality currently allows users to exchange routes between the Satmap Active GPS family (Active 12 and Active 20), and the BTLE side supports BT Heart Rate Monitor Profile, as well as BT Bike Speed & Cadence Profile. BT Power and other useful BT Profiles will be added in the near future.

GPX, TCX and Mass Storage Mode

Active 20 now fully supports the universal GPX & TCX route and activity formats, and connection to a PC/Mac allows both internal and SD storage to be easily accessed. In keeping with the earlier Active 10/12 units, the Active 20 is also fully supported by the offline SatSYNC application which allows for easy data transfer and conversions between GPS unit and desktop.


The Active 20 has achieved higher than average waterproofing standards than industry norms. Rated to IP68 (1.5m depth for 1.5 hours of submersion) the Active 20 outperforms the majority of its rivals in this class of Sports GPS. Likewise, it is rated to IK7 impact protection so that it can cope with the knocks and bangs of serious outdoor usage. Uniquely fitted with 2.5mm Gorilla Glass the Active 20 achieves unparalleled screen protection and scratch resistance in its class.

Bike & Vehicle Mounts

The Active 20 uses the very popular Quad Lock bike and vehicle mounting system. Utilising a bespoke backplate, the Active 20 will fit the full range of standard Quad Lock mounts.

British Made

Satmap Systems is proud to support British industry, and the Active 20 is wholly UK manufactured, with hardware from Lancaster and Torquay, with software and mapping from Leatherhead, Cambridge and other national providers.

Mapping Bundles

In the UK, the Active 20 will be offered in several bundle configurations:

Active 20 Solo: GPS unit, with UK base mapping (1:250k) and postcode lookup included. Quick Start Guide. USB cable, wall and car charger. SRP £395.00

Active 20 GB Edition: Active 20 Solo, plus Ordnance Survey Full GB 1:50k (Landranger series) MapCard. SRP £480.00

Active 20 Platinum: Active 20 Solo, plus Ordnance Survey Full GB 1:10k (SteetView), 1:25k (Explorer series) and 1:50k (Landranger series) MapCard. SRP £680.00

In Europe, various “Country” Editions will be available, each including a detailed National topographic map for that region, e.g. German Edition, Swiss Edition, Austrian Edition, etc.


The Active 20 is exclusively available in the UK now for pre-purchase via the Cotswold Outdoor website ( Hardware bundles are due for delivery in several weeks (late May/early June). Cotswold Outdoor has exclusive UK distribution rights until approx. mid-July; thereafter the Active 20 will be available via all participating leading Outdoor retailers and via the website. In Europe, the Active 20 hardware will be available from early June via leading international retailers.

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