Garmin Freunde aufgepasst: Für die beiden PC-Programme MapSource und Basecamp sind Updates verfügbar. Bei MapSource hat Garmin 26x, bei Basecamp 8x Änderungen und Verbesserungen eingebaut.

Ein wichtiger Hinweis für Windows XP Benutzer: MapSource setzt ab dieser Version ServicePack 3 voraus! Die Installation erfolgt durch Download von der Garmin-Webseite (Links siehe unten) oder über die Hilfe-Funktion des jeweiligen Programms.

Alle Neuerungen und Verbesserungen in der Übersicht:

MapSource Software Version 6.16.1

  • Changes made from version 6.15.11 to 6.16.1:
  • Added support for 64-bit USB device drivers.
  • Added generic label descriptions (less ‘unknown’ features).
  • Added support for importing relevant data from TCX files.
  • Added very small and very large symbol size selection.
  • Added support for editing waypoint address and phone number information.
  • Added New Zealand TM grid.
  • Added display of the total length of all selected tracks/routes in the status bar.
  • Added numeric sorting of routes, tracks and waypoints.
  • Added ability to send error reports directly to Garmin after a crash.
  • Improved memory issues when running MapSource under Windows 7.
  • Improved map projection for many map products.
  • Improved speed of ‘finalizing’ step when transferring data to SD cards.
  • Changed mouse-wheel functionality to zoom in and out.
  • Changed ‘seasonal closures’ avoidance option to ‘date and time closures’. MapSource will now route over roads that have time-of-day and seasonal closures if this avoidance option is not checked.
  • Changed route via point symbol to small black dot.
  • Fixed various categories and subcategories that affected find operations and the display of POI categories and subcategories.
  • Fixed some auto-routing oddities.
  • Fixed remembering ‘Find Nearest’ dialog search category.
  • Fixed issues with ‘Save As’ file dialog (in some cases, existing files were overwritten without prompting).
  • Fixed some issues with the Swedish grid.
  • Fixed issue with address search when a city name was supplied.
  • Fixed loss of mixed-case characters when transferring routes to some USB devices.
  • Fixed an issue with the refreshing of the route avoidances dialog.
  • Fixed an issue with finding elevation features.
  • Fixed an issue where the comment field would be incorrect after creating a waypoint from a find result.
  • Fixed an issue where transferring data from a mass-storage device would fail.

BaseCamp Software Version 3.0.3

  • Changes made from version 3.0.2 to 3.0.3:
  • Added display of which devices a BirdsEye Imagery is unlocked for.
  • Added the ability to control which map feature lines are shown.
  • Improved memory usage for Garmin BirdsEye Imagery and Garmin Custom Maps.
  • Improved user feedback while transferring to folders and devices.
  • Improved reported information when Garmin Custom Maps cannot be imported.
  • Changed to allow transfer of partially downloaded BirdsEye Imagery.
  • Added ability for BaseCamp to attempt reading all Garmin map images (.img files), regardless of name, from removable media.
  • Fixed issue when using Find with a map that does not have a city table.


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