Für die Modelle eXplorist 510, 610 und 710 hat Magellan Software-Updates herausgebracht, Die neuen Versionen lauten: eXplorist 710 Version 5.93, eXplorist 610 Version 5.92, eXplorist 510 Version 5.91.

Das Changelog ist für alle eXploisten gleich:

  • Added Navionics® Marine Chart support, Navionics GOLD charts, Hotmaps®, and Fish’N Chip.
  • Added ‘Depth’ to Navigation Field List. Only available if Navionics Chart is active.
  • Added ability to change scale in Road Compass page and improved functionality
  • Fixed issue with missing Goecache log.txt file.
  • Fixed issue with Geocache List shows ‘Error’ msg.
  • Added Up/Down Arrows on contextual menu.
Magellan eXplorist 510, 610, 710 Software-Updates was last modified: Dezember 4th, 2014 by Joachim Bardua

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