Magellan eXplorist 710, Foto: Magellan

Magellan eXplorist 710, Foto: Magellan

Besitzer der neuen Magellan eXplorist Outdoor-Navis 510, 610 und 710 haben Grund zur Freude, da Magellan sehr umfangreiche Software-Updates veröffentlicht hat. Die Changelogs führen über 30 Änderungen auf.

eXplorist 510: Software Version 4.81

eXplorist 610: Software Version 4.82

eXplorist 710: Software Version 4.83

Changelog eXplorist 710:

  • Users can delete or back-up pre-loaded maps using VantagePoint. All maps loaded by the user can be deleted from the device or VantagePoint. Removed the ability to delete pre-loaded maps (World Edition, Summit Series, City Series) from the device.
  • Demo Video added.
  • Improved area calculation function. View area statistics while moving instead of viewing the information afterward.
  • Improved performance of back light settings.
  • Improved performance of suspend functionality.
  • Additional functionality for the customizable hot key:
    Marking a waypoint is now a one-click function.
    Geocache Details button added. While in route to a geocache, the button will toggle from current screen to geocaching details and back to last screen. When not routing, the button will search for the nearest geocache based on user defined search criteria.

  • Improved waypoint functionality. When creating a waypoint, the same name and icon will be used for subsequent waypoints with the exception of an incremental number. For instance, Trailhead 1, Trailhead 2, and so on.
  • Improved map display:
    Improved active and saved track display options
    Improved the color of contour lines within various land use areas to improve visibility.
    Added ability to inspect the names of user generated objects, such as saved tracks.
    Resolved issue where National Parks sometimes overlap contour lines and shaded relief background.
    Cities are now displayed on the map screen.

  • Improved heading and bearing functionality on several screens, including compass screen.
  • Added UP/DOWN arrows on all list screens that extend beyond one page.
  • The active track is now converted automatically to a .GPX file when the device is connected to a computer.
  • Improved performance of alarm clock feature.
  • After marking a geocache as found, the user will be prompted to route to nearest unfound cache.
  • Auto Zoom is now set to OFF by default.
  • “Recalculate Position” feature will now update the position of a waypoint to your current location.
  • When a .GPX file contains a track name in the proper location, the name will be imported into the eXplorist User Interface. For example, if the track is named “Pacific Coast Trail”, then the name will appear in the track list and track details. If the track name is not present, it will show as blank or “TRK1”.
  • When entering an address as a destination, the routing method will default to turn-by-turn (requires City Series map).
  • The date & time stamps of .GPX files is corrected.
  • Resolved issues with proximity alarms.
  • Spoken turn-by-turn directions are resolved for Spanish languages (requires City Series map).
  • Added Portuguese language.
  • Improved language translations.
  • Coordinate systems improvements:
    Corrected Ireland 1965.
    Corrected Swedish Grid conversion error.
    Added ability to enter coordinates in SWE99 datum.
    Swedish Grid RT90 and SweRef99 TM both work properly now.


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