CE-Traffic Premium RDS-TMCCE-Traffic – ein Anbieter von Verkehrsdaten in Osteuropa – führt in Polen einen neuen Premium RDS-TMC Dienst ein. Die Premium-TMC-Nachrichten werden in Polen von Radio ZET ausgestrahlt.

CE-Traffic Premium RDS-TMC deckt alle Autobahnen, Hauptstraßen und wichtigen Nebenstraßen sowie Straßen in mehr als 15 großen polnischen Städten ab.

Die Mitteilung im Detail:

Drivers in Poland can look forward to more options in receiving real-time traffic information in the future with the launch of the new Premium RDS-TMC service by CE-Traffic.

CE-Traffic – the leading traffic data provider in Central-Eastern Europe has extended its portfolio of traffic services in Poland, the country where over last five years stock of vehicles grew by 50%.

“We looked at TMC solution with all its limitations and asked ourselves: how we can get more out of the technology that has been around for more than a decade so that navigation systems vendors can offer to their customers an easy to implement and affordable traffic service of a real value. Our Premium RDS-TMC offers drivers an access to very detailed traffic information without any mobile telecommunication cost and subscription fees.” – said Jiří Novobilský, CEO of CE-Traffic.

Competitive advantage of CE-Traffic Premium RDS-TMC is based on smart use of TMC components. Up to date traffic flow data and journalistic information are smartly aggregated and regionally filtered. CE-Traffic TISA certified Location Table (LTN 6) offers the best available coverage. It includes not only all major roads and streets but also lower category roads commonly used by drivers like shortcuts or alternative routes. RDS channel with enhanced capacity allows broadcasting high number of traffic messages (over 1000). The service is available country-wide thanks to partnership with Radio ZET – leading Polish radio station.

Tomasz Przeździęk, CE-Traffic Director for Poland, added: “When looking at overall traffic offering for personal and in-car navigation systems in Poland one can see that expensive connected devices did not achieve the major market acceptance. Proven TMC standard together with high quality CE-Traffic Floating Car Data is an easy to implement alternative to provide drivers with the most accurate and up-to-date traffic information.”

About CE-Traffic
CE-Traffic is a joint-stock company founded in 2008 in Czech Republic with offices in Prague and Warsaw. We provide a high quality real-time traffic information services based on the Floating Car Data technology. Currently we operate traffic systems in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our portfolio includes real-time traffic services such as Live Traffic XML, Premium RDS-TMC as well as rich historical traffic data-bases. Our customers are industry-leading companies from personal navigation, navigation for mobile, internet and media industries as well as governments.

Weitere Infos: www.ce-traffic.com

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