The Garmin eTrex Touch 35 is the latest incarnation of the Garmin eTrex series. The eTrex Touch is the first eTrex with a touchscreen and offers a new compelling main menu: after startup you can choose between different activities like cycling, hunting or geocaching.

The eTrex Touch 35 provides a full feature set including GPS & GLONASS, barometric altimeter, electronic compass, wireless unit-to-unit transfer, ANT+, Bluetooth, smart notification, fitness sensors, microSD slot, 8 GB internal memory, IPX7 rating and all typical Garmin navigation features like turn-by-turn driving directions!

The eTrex Touch is quite handy, the physical dimensions are as small as 2.3” x 4.0” x 1.3” / 5.8 x 10.2 x 3.3 cm, the weight is about 5.6 oz / 159 g with batteries. The 1.43″ x 2.15″ / 3.6 x 5.5 cm touchscreen offers a low display resolution (160 x 240 pixels). When you want to have a high resolution display you should have a look at the Garmin Oregon 600/650 with his class-leading display in terms of visibility and resolution!

The interface is quite user-friendly, but it takes some time to set up the various menus and settings. If you like you can switch to a classic mode, which gives you an interface similar to the Garmin Oregon. However, a small pop-up menu (offering some usefull informations and buttons) on the bottom of the screen is really annoying. You only get rid of it when starting the track log.

The eTrex Touch 35 offers a separate track manager and an activity history. This combination can be confusing, because the tracks output as activity files by default (FIT format) and you find them only in the activity history. You can convert the activities to tracks, but it might be better to save them as tracks (GPX files) straight from the beginning. In the settings you can change the output format from “Activities (FIT)” to “Tracks (GPX/FIT)“. The eTrex Touch does not provide the option “Tracks (GPX)” like the Oregon family!

We tested the Garmin eTrex Touch 35 during different outdoor activities like hiking and mountain biking and found a lot of good and some bad aspects!

The complete review is available here: Garmin eTrex Touch 35 (in German).

Garmin eTrex Touch 35

Garmin eTrex Touch 35: The Good & The Bad

  • Screen visibility
  • Battery life (ranging from 10:15 to 15:45 hh:mm, with low self discharge NiMH batteries)
  • Fast satellite reception (GPS & GLONASS, HotFix satellite prediction technology)
  • Expandable memory for maps, geocaches, gpx files
  • Full feature set for different outdoor activities
  • Activity profiles for your settings
  • Home screen with preconfigured activities
  • Barometric altimeter, 3-axis electronic compass
  • Wireless ANT+ interface for unit-to-unit transfer and sensors (e.g. temperature, heart rate)
  • Bluetooth and smart notifications
  • Small, fits in every pocket (2.3” x 4.0” x 1.3” / 5.8 x 10.2 x 3.3 cm)
  • Lightweight (5.6 oz / 159 g with batteries)
  • Availability of maps (different types, global, free OpenStreetMaps)
  • Large range of accessoires
  • Low resolution screen
  • Confusing combination of “activity history” and “track manager
  • No way to save a track log as gpx only
  • Annoying pop-up window when the track log is not active
  • Virtual keyboard is quite small

Garmin eTrex Touch 35: Summary

Verdict: Recommended GPS device for different outdoor activities, especially when you need a light and small touchscreen device with long battery life and a full feature set!

Your eTrex Touch rating:1 Stern2 Sterne3 Sterne4 Sterne5 Sterne (20 GPS-Fans, ∅ Score: 69.00 %)

Highly recommended for

  • Geocaching
  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Allrounder

The Garmin eTrex Touch 35 can be purchased for about $229.- / EUR 245.- at Amazon:

Garmin eTrex Touch 35: Rating

  • GPS 80%
  • Battery 80%
  • Display 80%
  • Handling 80%
  • Navigation 80%
  • Features 80%
  • Maps 100%
  • Overall 80%

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