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About: Joachim Bardua

January 26, 2016
by Joachim Bardua
Joachim Bardua, www.gps-handbuch.de

Joachim Bardua ↻

Dr. Joachim Bardua – Over 40 years of intensive outdoor & sports experience: climbing, mountaineering, hiking, thru-hiking, road cycling, mountain biking, backcountry ski, running, kayaking, traveling … and writing countless reviews, news, know-how articles & GPS manuals!

Self-employed outdoor enthusiast living in the beautiful Upper Bavaria near the mountains!

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Outdoor-Lights (mountain photography)
GPS-Handbuch (Garmin manuals in German)
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  1. Hi, also interested in Map 66ST manual.

  2. Will you possibly publish an e-book for the Map 66ST in English .?…..this would be a wonderful resource for those of us who are owners of this great device! Your website is a wonderful resource….thanks
    Hope to see an English manual for 66 ST
    Don C Winnipeg Mb Canada

    • Hi Don,
      we are planning an English version, but I can not provide you timeline as we are working on a manual for the Garmin fenix … a lot of work!


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