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Joachim Bardua

Dr. Joachim Bardua – Over 40 years of intensive outdoor & sports experience: climbing, mountaineering, hiking, thru-hiking, road cycling, mountain biking, backcountry ski, running, kayaking, traveling … and writing countless reviews, news, know-how articles & GPS manuals!

Self-employed outdoor enthusiast living in the beautiful Upper Bavaria near the mountains!

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10 thoughts on “About: Joachim Bardua”

  1. Hallo,
    mit dem letzten update 9.60 für GPSmap 66st wird ständig die "Meldung Track verlassen" und umgekehrt angezeigt, dazu noch eine Bestätigung per Taste eingefordert. Das Piepsen im Wald ist echt lästig und lässt sich nicht durch Töne Aus beseitigen!!! (Da nehme ich lieber mein altes 62er….?)
    Gibt es dafür eine Lösung?? echt nervig so zu wandern …
    Danke für einen Hinweis …
    Grüße aus Wien
    Ernst Fitzka

  2. Hi, my name is Chris and I have used a Garmin GPS for years. I have just upgraded to the GPSMAP 66sr and am having great difficulty in finding any European ski resort mapping software that I can download and which is compatible with the 66sr. No-one at Garmin has been able to help, and I have spent hours searching the net and looking on the Garmin ConnectIQ website where 90% of the software is for wrist watches and what ski mapping they do have all seems to be incompatible with the 66sr. If you have any good ideas, I would be most appreciative.

    Sorry to trouble you.


  3. Dr. Bardua,

    First off Great Website. I’m a new user of a Garmin Montana 750. Have you found a way to sync or move photos without connecting the Montana 750i to a phone or computer?


    Jude Miller
    S/V Sea Orc

    • Hi,
      not possible except with the "Share Wirelessly" application (transfer photos from a compatible Garmin device)

  4. Will you possibly publish an e-book for the Map 66ST in English .?…..this would be a wonderful resource for those of us who are owners of this great device! Your website is a wonderful resource….thanks
    Hope to see an English manual for 66 ST
    Don C Winnipeg Mb Canada

    • Hi Don,
      we are planning an English version, but I can not provide you timeline as we are working on a manual for the Garmin fenix … a lot of work!

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