Reviewing the GPS accuracy of the new Garmin Oregon 7x0(t) series while hiking and mountain biking.

Garmin Oregon 700 in the mountains

The new Oregon 7x0(t) series comes with a full GPS feature set:

  • GPS
  • GLONASS (can be activated if needed)
  • WAAS/EGNOS (can be activated if needed)
  • Optimized A-GPS for speeding up GPS acquisition time (downloadable EPO "Extended Prediction Orbit" satellite data).
  • New GPS antenna design for improving GPS satellite reception (now on the top side).

What did we find – compared to the Oregon 6x0 series?

  • Oregon 700/750 exhibits a better GPS accuracy than its predecessors (screenshots below).
  • The accuracy of tracklogs is not always better. The new series tends to a GPS drift as well (even slighter), especially in steep-sided valleys.
  • The GPS acquisition time is far shorter.

Oregon 700/750/750t: track logs, examples

Record method: * auto normal, ** intelligent, *** distance, every 10 m
Handheld mounting: Oregon 600 / 700 / 750t / GPSmap 64st, Garmin carabiner clip at right/left backpack harness (display in hiking direction), GPSmap 64s in the top backpack pocket (GPS antenna up to the sky), Oregon 750 / eTrex Touch laterally at the backpack. Tour 6 (mountain bike): Oregon 750t and 650t 1st bike (handlebar); Oregon 700 2nd bike (handlebar).

Elevation profile

Script: GPX-Viewer (J. Berkemeier)

Screenshots satellite pages, Oregon 700 exhibits a better GPS accuracy (screenshots locations, see map, trip no. 8).

Oregon 700/750/750t: GPS accuracy – conclusions

The Garmin Oregon 700/750/750t shows a very good GPS reception, but can not match up to the best in its class, the Garmin GPSmap 64s(t)! Tracklog accuracy is at least on par with the Oregon 6x0(t) series, the GPS acquisition time is far shorter than its predecessors. But, things can always change, when Garmin will release some new GPS firmware updates.

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