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The topographic maps of the Hammerhead Karoo 2 have their weaknesses – the map design and the content make orientation difficult, finding your way by map is not always easy!

But fortunately, other Android apps with excellent maps can be installed. Best examples are Locus Map Pro and OsmAnd. I use both apps on the Hammerhead Karoo 2 – for mountain biking and bike & hike tours.

The general installation of sideloaded apps on the Karoo 2 is already described by DCR. The easiest way is to first bring APKPure or F-Droid to the Karoo 2 and install desired apps like OsmAnd via these apps.

Offline maps (and additional data such as contour lines or terrain relief) can then be

  • download yourself with the help of the apps (e.g. in Locus Map via the map manager),
  • by manual copying to the Karoo (for example the Swisstopo from Skitourenguru.ch for OsmAnd) or
  • download via a browser also installed on the Karoo 2 (for example, the OSM "Freizeitkarte" for Locus Map).

You can then switch between different apps on the go using the buttons and touchscreen. If, for example, the map page of the "No Sensors" profile is on the screen, you must first – to open the main menu – press and hold the button at the bottom right. Then tap the bottom left button twice briefly to start the "App Switcher". Use the switcher to jump from app to app.

The apps and maps mentioned above not only help with orientation, but can also be used to record tours or for navigation.

The following images should speak for themselves …!

Locus Map Pro and Swisstopo map (red = track recording)
Locus Map Pro and Swisstopo map (red = track recording)
Hammerhead Karoo 2 map compared ...
Hammerhead Karoo 2, Hammerhead map compared to …
OsmAnd with an OpenAndroMap incl. contour lines and relief
… OsmAnd with an OpenAndroMap incl. relief & contour lines (difficult to see on the screenshot!)
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