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Garmin – How do I transfer tracks or courses using Bluetooth?

"Can I transfer a track or a course from my smartphone to my Garmin GPS device using Bluetooth" is a frequently asked question!
Because: Using your smartphone to download a GPX track or a course from a web site, copy it to a Garmin GPS device and then use the track or course for navigation is extremely practical and is becoming increasingly popular.
We will deal with this topic and show you all possibilities to transfer a track or a course via Bluetooth to a Garmin outdoor handheld, cycling device or wearable.
Using Bluetooth is – in contrast to cycling devices and wearables – currently only possible with a few handheld devices!

Garmin outdoor & marine handhelds – Importing tracks through Bluetooth

Garmin Explore App (©Garmin)

Garmin Explore App

Garmin Explore – the designated Garmin BaseCamp successor – consists of a website and an app (Android, iOS) for planning and managing trips, tracks, activities, waypoints etc.

The smartphone app allows to transfer (or receive) these data via Bluetooth to a Garmin GPS device. An important feature – the direct import of tracks from the smartphone into the Explore app – is now also available!

Garmin Explore app is currently compatible with:

  • GPSMAP 66s/66st/66i/66sr
  • GPSMAP 65/65s
  • GPSMAP 64s/64st/sc/64sx/64csx
  • GPSMAP 86i/86s/86sc/86sci

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Garmin Connect Mobile App

The Garmin Connect Mobile app (for Android, iOS, Windows) can be used with certain handheld devices like eTrex Touch 35, Oregon 700/750, GPSMAP 64s, GPSMAP 64sx, GPSMAP 66s/66st), but the scope is limited to a few features, e.g. live tracking.

Transferring tracks using Bluetooth is not one of these functions!

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Garmin Connect IQ

In the Garmin Connect IQ Store, there are various apps and widgets for transferring tracks. Best example & app:


Available as app or widget and currently works in combination with an Oregon 700/750 or GPSMAP 66s/66st/66i. gimporter needs the gexporter app on the smartphone, which is only available for Android.


Other Connect IQ apps compatible with the above-mentioned devices are, for example, "komoot", "Wikiloc Trails" or "routeCourse".

Garmin cycling devices – Importing courses using Bluetooth

Garmin Connect App (©Garmin)

Garmin Explore App

The Garmin Explore app is not compatible with any bike GPS device.

Garmin Connect Mobile App

The Garmin Connect Mobile app allows you to send courses to numerous bike computers (e.g. Edge Explore, Edge 130, Edge 530, Edge 830. Edge 1030, Edge 1030 Plus).

These are courses planned on the Garmin Connect website or in the Connect app, but also courses imported from the smartphone into the Connect app.

Garmin Connect IQ

There are also various apps for cycling devices to transfer courses (tracks). Analogous to the handhelds these are gimporter and komoot, but also trailforks.

Garmin wearables – Copying tracks & courses through Bluetooth

Garmin Connect IQ (©Garmin)

Garmin Explore App

The Garmin Explore app is compatible with several wearables, e.g.:

Garmin Connect Mobile App

Similar to the cycling devices, Bluetooth can be used to transfer courses from the Garmin Connect App to numerous wearables.


Garmin Connect IQ

The selection of apps is extensive, many wearables are compatible. The best place to look for this is the Connect IQ Store in the respective compatibility list.


  • gimporter
  • komoot
  • Wikiloc
  • dwMap
  • routeCourse
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