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Garmin GPSMAP 64 Series – Support for Explore Mobile App

Garmin released beta updates for handheld devices from the GPSMAP 64 series. Now you can connect your GPSMAP 64sx, 64csx, 64sc or 64s to an Android or iOS smartphone via bluetooth and use all functions of the Explore app!

You get the possibility to share tracks, routes, waypoints and other related data on the fly.

Garmin ExplorePin
Garmin Explore (©Garmin)

Example – Changelog GPSMAP 64, 64s & 64st

  • Added support for Explore Mobile
  • Improved precision of some position formats
  • Improved Menu > Menu shortcut so previous page loop page is remembered
  • Fixed possible shutdown on configure maps page
  • Fixed possible shutdown during POI spell search
  • Fixed possible extra items when logging geocaches
  • Fixed possible trip distance jump after first GPS fix
  • Fixed prompted routing from chirp review page

Download GPSMAP 64 series beta updates

Garmin Collections Manager

As part of the update, a "Collections Manager" will be added to the GPSMAP 64 devices – similar to the new Montana 7×0 series. With the "Collections Manager" the Explore data can be managed.

GPSMAP 64sx collections managerPin
GPSMAP 64sx collections manager
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3 thoughts on “Garmin GPSMAP 64 Series – Support for Explore Mobile App”

  1. Hello,
    Big disadvantage of this update, I can no longer activate / deactivate the cards they are all mixed up in the display, this is a big bug.