Garmin Oregon – How do I switch between Data Screens? The easy Way!

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Not every Garmin Oregon 700 or Garmin Oregon 750t user is a friend of the "activity mode" menu navigation. But this kind of operation has at least one big advantage: You can switch elegantly between the data screens by wiping the touchscreen – from the map to the compass to the trip computer … you define the underlying page sequence in the menu "Setup > Data Screens".

However, if you prefer the recommended "classic mode" – then the menu is similar to its predecessor Oregon 600 / 650 – you must live without this elegant page change.

But there is a solution. You can switch between the pages with the help of the "user key". This method is highly recommended when cycling, kayaking, when wearing gloves or in heavy rain. It works even when the touchscreen is locked and can also be used in the "activity mode".

The "old" Oregon 600 / 650 has a "page loop" feature for this purpose  – a short press of the user button allows you to quickly switch between pages.

The Oregon 700 / 750t has the same function, but under a different name: "Data Screens" instead of "Page Loop"!

Proceed as follows:

  • Switch to the recommended classic mode ("Setup > System > Mode > Classic").
  • Define a page sequence ("Setup > Data Screens") (1st screenshot).
  • Configure the "User key"; the sequence is: "Setup > System > Configure Keys > User Key > Single Tap > Data Screens" (2nd screenshot).

Now you can easily switch between pages at the touch of a button. Not by wiping, but with the advantages of the classic "old fashioned" mode.

Garmin Oregon, configure the data screens
Garmin Oregon, configure the data screens
Garmin Oregon, configure the user key
Garmin Oregon, configure the user key
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