How To Install Free OSM Maps On Your Garmin GPS

February 09, 2018
by Joachim Bardua
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100% free OpenStreetMap maps are a great resource for your Garmin GPS. You can use these maps for hiking, backpacking, cycling, hunting … on compatible Garmin devices like fenix 5X, Edge 1030, Oregon 750t, Montana 680t and all other GPS devices with the ability to add maps.

Our tutorial shows you how to install OSM maps!

How to find free OSM maps for Garmin GPS devices?

Read our article: Free maps for your Garmin GPS handheld (overview, download links)

How to install OSM maps?

For our tutorial we are using maps from, a free service with different choices but a simple interface.

Installation – As easy as pie!

  • The easiest way – choose a predefined country like “British Columbia” (figure below)
  • Click “Download map now
  • You get a new page with all available downloads for British Columbia; download ““.
  • Unzip the “” file.
  • You have a new file “gmapsupp.img” in the download folder.
  • Rename the “gmapsupp.img” file, e.g. to “openstreetmap.nl_BC_feb_18.img” (source_country_date)
  • Copy the IMG-file into the “Garmin” folder of a micro-SD card (best) or into the internal memory of the GPS device (e.g. fenix 6X Pro).
  • Boot the device and enable the new map in the settings.
Images – click for full resolution! interface, choose a “predefined country

OpenStreetMap NL, interface

All available downloads, download “

Tutorial - Garmin OSM Installation

Garmin folder with your new OSM map

Oregon 700 micro-SD with OSM maps

Enable the map (e.g. Oregon 700 settings)

Oregon 700, enable map



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