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How to install contour lines on Garmin Edge devices?

Garmin Edge cycling devices come with preloaded maps.

However, the preinstalled Garmin cycle maps, which are based on OpenStreetMap data, have a disadvantage: they do not have any contour lines. Although a shaded relief can be activated, it does not replace the helpful contour lines.

But you can install contour lines!

Garmin cycle mapPin
Garmin cycle map
Garmin cycle map & shaded reliefPin
Garmin cycle map & shaded relief
Garmin cycle map & contour linesPin
Garmin cycle map & contour lines

Where can I find files with contour lines?

Contour lines based on SRTM data are somewhat angular in contrast to LIDAR data!

How to install contour lines?

  • Download and unzip the files
    • Names
      • Garmin contours
      • … SRTM …
      • e.g. Italien
      • … lidar …
  • Copy the IMG files with the Windows explorer or Mac finder to the folder "\Garmin"
    • Edge in mass storage mode
    • Use the memory card if available (e.g. Edge 1030)!
    • If you like you can rename the IMG files
  • Unplug and restart your Edge
    • Activate the map containing the contour lines (activity profile > navigation > map > map information)
    • Activate the function "draw contours" (activity profile > navigation > map)
  • Enjoy!
Function Pin
Enable "Draw Contours" (at the bottom, Edge 1030 Plus)
Enable the maps containing contour linesPin
Enable the maps containing contour lines
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