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Are you looking for a new watch face for your Garmin fenix? And haven’t found what you’re looking for in the Garmin Connect IQ Store yet?

Then you should create your own Watch Face!

Don’t worry, you don’t need any special knowledge to do this. Crafting a custom watch face for the fenix is just a matter of fantasy and patience, and proves to be an ideal pastime for a rainy Sunday!

Because in the meantime, there is an "Online Watch Face Builder" that all fenix users can use to create a design and install it on their Garmin fenix outdoor watch:


Start and build your first Watch Face:

  • Select device (instead of the fenix you can also select an Enduro, a Forerunner, a Venu, a vivoactive…).
  • Set the language (there’s nothing to choose)
  • Select type (already preset with "Watch Face"; the other inactive entries indicate that there might be more to come …)
  • Select a template
  • Here we go!

The rest of the procedure is quickly learned with a bit of intuition and clicking – you can select a wide variety of data, insert images, choose colors, enlarge / reduce / move the fields with the mouse, and so on.

Create a Watch Face for the Garmin fenix
Create a Watch Face for the Garmin fenix

Last but not least, "Build App" is used to create an app. In the following window it will be downloaded as a ZIP file. Once unzipped, you only need to copy the PRG file to the Garmin\App folder on the fenix. After a restart, the new Watch Face is also immediately active.

How many files are possible? A search reveals that up to 32 apps / watch faces / widgets should be possible (not tried!).

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4 thoughts on “Garmin fenix – Create your own Watch Face!”

  1. Sorry to bug you, but I have been looking for a tool like this off and on for several years and just found yours. I’m just getting started kicking the tires on it, but it looks great so far! I would be happy to help you out with testing or feature advancements in the future if you need or want help. Thanks for your hard work so far!!!

    • Hi Randy,

      thanks for your comment – the tool is not from me, I just introduced it to my readers because – as you also wrote – it is just fantastic! Your credit belongs to joshuahxh!

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