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GPS smartwatches from Amazfit – for example the popular GTS 2 – come with an interesting health function: the PAI.

PAI is the abbreviation for "Personal Activity Intelligence". Amazfit users know this value: The watch shows for example a PAI of 95, the Zepp app also has detailed statistics and helpful information.

What does PAI mean?

First of all, it is good to know that the PAI algorithm is not an invention of Amazfit, but originates from a research area of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

The PAI is based on heart rate measurements . That is why continuous 24/7 heart rate measurement is important – a function that almost all fitness smartwatches now offer, including the Amazfit sports watches.

By increasing the heart rate there are PAI points. The higher the heart rate, the faster the value increases.

To achieve this, you can run, hike, ride a bike, swim, … the decisive factor is how high your heart rate is during an activity. According to NTNU, doing two one-hour activities in a week may be enough to get a score of 100.

The PAI adapts over time. In the beginning, for example, short walks are sufficient, but with increased fitness, more effort is required to reach a value of 100.

Why 100?

Research by the NTNU shows that individuals, on average live eight years longer if they achieve a PAI of 100 or above every week for an extended period of time!

Your risk for Cardiovascular diseases is less. A PAI of 100 is said to be optimal for smokers, overweight people and people with high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes. Even a weekly PAI of 50 is said to have positive health effects.

Source for the background information : NTNU (with links to numerous scientific articles)

PAI statistics in the Amazfit Zepp app
PAI statistics in the Amazfit Zepp app

To come back to the Amazfit Smartwatches: In my opinion, the PAI is a helpful and easy to understand value that helps to stay healthy and fit even without a lot of background knowledge!

However, it is important to be careful! An essential basis of the PAI is the most accurate possible heart rate measurements. You should therefore regularly install new software updates via the Zepp app, tighten the bracelet as tightly as possible (but not too tight!) and fasten the watch approx. 1 to 2 cm higher than usual (i.e. a little above the wrist bones).

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  1. Hi ty for the article … what no one seems to answer is PAI for swimming …. it appears the amazfit pai standard does not account for the fact that the max heartvrate is necrssarily LOWER fior swimming ! But pai is being determined as if you were say running as opposed to swimming! no one has written about this PAI inaccuracy w regard to swimming . Pai scores for swimming are low as the use the geartvratio associated with land aerobic exercise … Thanks .

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