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gexporter & gimporter – How to send GPX/FIT files to your Garmin device

gimporter and gexporter – two ingeniously simple apps for copying GPX or FIT files from an Android smartphone to a compatible Garmin GPS device!

The combination of gimporter and gexporter has become a standard for me to transfer data from our Android smartphones to a fenix 6, Oregon 700, Edge Explore or another Garmin device!

gimporter widget - Garmin Connect IQ Store
gimporter widget – Garmin Connect IQ Store

How to use gexporter & gimporter!

Android smartphone

  1. Install the gexporter app (
  2. Open the app
  3. You can configure some settings, but leaving the default settings is usually sufficient (the maximum number of track points is depending on your device, e.g. 10,000 for fenix)
  4. The apps reads all GPX & FIT files from the download folder (image, "Serving from …")
  5. Keep the app open

Garmin devices (e.g. fenix 6)

  • Install the gimporter app or gimporter widget on your device, best is to use the Garmin Connect IQ app or Garmin express (
  • Start gimporter (screenshots below, gimporter widget on fenix 6)
  • Press the start key (fenix 6)
  • gimporter gets the track list
  • Select one track
  • After the download you can start an activity like "Hike" and use the track for navigation
  • Alternatively you can open the "Navigation" menu, subsequently the "Courses" menu and select the previously downloaded track for navigation
  • That’s it!


How do I transfer tracks or courses using Bluetooth?

gexporter app for Android
gexporter app for Android
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